Our story


Our chronical is a true example of a typical resume from many Tyrolian families in the hotel industry. Through thrift, industry and endurance and with our own personality, we have created a successful operation.

When you wonder through the apartment hotel Alte Schmiede with all the comfort and tradition, built for the “conscious guest,” you would not believe how it began over 50 years ago….At that time the son of the village blacksmith, Adolf Purtscher, married his wife, Birgit who was originally from Prutz. He fulfilled her heart’s desire in 1974: In December together they opened their first hotel on the grounds of the old smithy.



It was under very hard conditions to bring the business into swing. During that time 2 guest rooms were heated with wood burning ovens, water to wash was heated in a pitcher on the oven and a water bowl and bucket were used to wash oneself.

At the same time, Adolf Purtscher built out his land and was working in his sawmill. In 1977 he tore down his newly built barns, and with the new addition on the house decided to go into the hotel business “the Blacksmith’s Room”. In this year, a second business “the Blacksmith’s Basement” was opened and in December 1978 the hotel “Alte Schmiede – the Old Smithy” was opened with 50 guest beds. It was remodeled time and time again until it became the 4-star hotel with over 120 guest beds.

Once again Adolf Purtscher found love for farming, and in 1990 founded the “the Blacksmith’s Farm” where hotel guests could enjoy and experience the world of a farm.

The apartment hotel Alte Schmiede represents a typical atmosphere of a Tyrolian house. The apartments, suites and rooms are tasteful, comfortable and cozy. The distribution of rooms is in 3 complexes- each with their own lightly manageable dining room, fireplace, bar and much much more…

The actual size of the apartment hotel can be deceiving because it conveys a decisive cozy ambience.